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New servers are being added to handle the fast growth of ProfitClicking

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Hi everyone! It’s Matt here again.

ProfitClicking has sent a new update as of today: 06.15.2012. I will give you the main conclusions from it.
Profit Clicking had a big growth during the last month. Actually they had the biggest growth since they opened the program.

It got to a situation when somewhere 2 weeks ago a record has been broken for the number of daily new members to the program. The day after, that record was broken again when even more people signed up to it. And you might not believe it but the day after it happened again.

Because of this big growth, ProfitClicking had to buy new servers that can handle these huge amounts of traffic. I remind you that they are positioned no. 300 by Alexa in the amount of monthly traffic between all the websites in the world.

So they bought some new servers and throughout this week the new servers will be implemented to the website. This means that there will be some downtimes this week to the website and that is addition will be extra slow for this week only.

After the new servers will be added you can expect a faster and more powerful server.

In the mean while you should enter the website in the night when the visitors count is lower and therefo the servers respond faster making the website work better.

Should you be worried or happy because of this update?

You should be very pleased. It means that ProfitClicking is growing and is in great shape. It also means that this program is here for the long term as they invest a lot of money on powerful servers. PC grown to become the biggest money investment program of all times and we should only be happy to participate in it.
I will keep you updated on the next updates. I wish you the best of luck and I am available by mail for anything you need at:

Profitclicking is up and active

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Hi all

Matt here to give you the latest updates on Profitclicking.
Profit Clicking is finally up and running as it should be. After the long transfer from JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking everything is finally getting back into pace.

Withdrawals are open. You can use payza, stp, liberty reserve, perfect money and ego pay to transfer up to $250 per transaction.
You can buy new Ad packages and get an average of 1.7% daily.
Your old Ad packages from before the update are paying again. The olf positions only pay half of new positions every day but the management of ProfitClicking have already said it should be fixed soon.

The next thing that should kick into action is the Ad Panels. Previously known as Jss. This should give us great profits. I remind you that for every 4 expired Ad packages you will be getting 1 Ad panel and for every Ad Panel you will earn $60 when it cycles.
I have been taking an advantage of the accumulate ad views system and it works great. now, I am getting paid passively for 45 days. Nice. :)
So I am here to help you with your Profit Clicking issues and give you the latest updates.